AutoNav 1.4.5 update beta2

    October 27th, 2011 by bill

    Now in the works is an update to AutoNav — 1.4.5 is our current internal version. This update will feature:

    • Supports the Media Tags plugin with the new id=”tag:tagvalue” selector for display=”attached”
    • id= is now an alias for postid=
    • Replaces glob() with opendir() and readdir(). Caches directory information for faster operation with multiple AutoNav invocations on a page/post.
    • A patch to properly name thumbnails of PNGs and GIFs as .jpg
    • Ignores spaces in the display modifiers. New display modifier parsing permits mixed modifiers: e.g., postid="category:recipes,tag:dessert"
    • Missing-image and other errors displayed inside an autonav-error span element, so their display can be disabled. Also a new filter autonav-missing-image to edit or replace that text.
    • Support custom post type and taxonomy names with dashes
    • New filters permit additional thumbnail processing:
      • autonav_thumb ( $pic_info, $attr, $post )
        Given the shortcode parameters in $attr and a page or postid in $post, if $pic_info is empty, then possibly create a $pic_info record with thumbnail image information. By default the chain of searches is featured image, specified image (in the subpage-thumb custom field), and the first attached image. An additional auxiliary plugin is planned to support NextGEN Gallery thumbnails.
      • autonav_get_thumbnails ($pics_info, $attr, $pic_size_info)
        Takes a list of pages/posts/images in $pics_info, and the shortcode parameters in $attr, along with the list of found images-and-associated-thumbnails in $pic_size_info; for each entry in $pics_info, either chooses an image from $pic_size_info or else creates a resized image. Returns an updated $pics_info.
    • New filters permit pre-and post-processing during image resizing:
      • autonav_image_create ($image_resource, $pic_full_path, $attr, $ext)
        If $image_resource is NULL, and given the original file in $pic_full_path having the extension type $ext (e.g., “jpg”), then using the shortcode parameters in $attr, attempt to create and return a PHP image resource from the file.
      • autonav_resize_image ($from_image, $attr, $prefix)
        Accepts a PHP image resource in $from_image, and based on the shortcode parameters in $attr and the thumbnail prefix size (e.g., ‘medium’), returns either the original $from_image or a resized or filtered PHP image resource. NOTE: The filter must compute the size of its input image with the imagesx() and imagesy() functions.
    • New filters for extensions like NextGEN Gallery thumbnail support, and for taxonomy-images plugin. These are then implemented in auxiliary plugins, or theme files.

    If you are interested in beta-testing, please download here and email Bill with your comments or issues.